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Colin Bell, COO and Co-Founder

We believe it’s time for a change in the mortgage market. For too long, lenders with a short-term focus have dictated the terms of the mortgage market. Their short-term focus has resulted in a market where borrowers have interest rate risk causing them pain today, refinancing risk, and brokers must constantly chase new business.  


At Perenna, we’re focusing on long-term value for our customers and our broker partners. We have made it our mission to create a nation of happy homeowners where everyone who can afford a home can get one and where borrowers never have to worry about refinancing or rising interest rates ever again.  


Our ambition is to provide fair and flexible mortgages with short early repayment charges, that meet the needs of borrowers across the UK. Whether they are first-time buyers, home movers, want to remortgage or borrow in retirement. 


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Useful Documents

You will find useful guides on how to use our Intermediary Portal, along with forms to support your application.

Register for our Panel

To learn how to join the Perenna Panel you can visit our registration page.  


How it Works

Step 1: 

Join the Perenna Panel.  

We work with FCA authorised intermediary firms, networks, and selected mortgage clubs. Once your firm has joined the panel you can register for access to the Intermediary Portal. 


Step 2: 

Recommend Perenna. 

Perenna’s products, affordability calculator, and lending criteria can be viewed on this website making it easier to check that the product is suitable for your customer and their circumstances.  


Step 3: 

Get an Illustration. 

In the Intermediary Portal you can get a bespoke Illustration for your customer showing the product details, monthly payments, APRC, and product fees.  


Step 4: 

Get a DIP. 

Perenna offer a soft footprint credit search for your customer so we can give you a quick and easy indication of our intention to lend. DIP decisions are valid for 30 days. 


Step 5: 

Full Mortgage Application. 

When your customers are ready, you can complete the digital mortgage application in the Intermediary Portal. We’ll use AVM and AVI where possible and look to give you a lending decision as quickly as possible.  


Step 6: 


Once you have submitted your application, paid any fees, and uploaded any supporting documents requested we’ll review the file, assess any supporting documents you have provided, and instruct a valuation if required.  


Step 7: 


Once we have received the valuation our underwriters will make a final lending decision. If the application is approved, we’ll issue an offer for you to download from the portal. We’ll also send a copy to each applicant and their conveyancer/solicitor.  


Step 8: 


The customers solicitor will send us a Certificate of Title once they are ready to complete. We will release the funds one working day  prior to completion and send the customer their welcome letter with details of their first payment shortly after..  


Step 9: 

Proc Fee. 

The week after the mortgage completes we’ll send your proc fee to your parent distributor.