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The Perenna Solicitor Panel

For all purchase applications, your customer must pick a conveyancing firm to complete the legal work for the transaction. The firm must complete works both on behalf of the customer and Perenna.


The customer is responsible for all costs and charges relating to the legal work on the application and should satisfy themselves they understand their liability and expected charges before the firm is instructed.


The conveyancing firm used for the transaction must be registered on the Perenna Solicitor Panel which is managed by Lender Exchange

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If your customer wishes to use a firm not currently on the Perenna Panel, the firm will need to register to join.

Our Panel is managed by Lender Exchange.

Law Firms who are already registered with Lender Exchange will need to submit a panel application for Perenna via the “Panels” screen if their online portal. This will then be reviewed by the LEX Helpdesk team and passed on to Perenna for sign-off once all checks have been satisfied. LEX will check all applications within 7 working days of submission. This process can take up to 2 weeks dependening on how quickly the law firm responds to any information requests raised.

Law Firms who are not registered with Lender Exchange, will need to register (via  and then submit an application for Perenna following registration. Due to the amount of information that is required, this process can take 4-6 weeks and is driven by how quickly the firm can provide the information to LEX and how quickly the firm responds to any information requests.

Separate Representation

If a customer wishes to use a firm that is not able to join the Perenna Panel, then the customer can opt for separate representation.

In these circumstances the customer must still pick a firm from the panel who will act on behalf of Perenna for the transaction. The customer will then appoint their own firm to complete the customer’s legal work.

This is a complex process and often causes significant delays to the process. Perenna is not responsible for any delays caused by separate representation.


The customer will remain liable for all legal fees for both firms and should discuss costs with the Perenna Panel firm selected before the instruction is sent.

Fees Assisted Legal Work

Perenna operates a panel of solicitors for our fees assisted remortgage service.


Where the product selected includes fees assisted legal work, we will instruct the legal firm and pay the standard costs for a remortgage based on a set scale of fees.


Any additional or non-standard work required will be chargeable to the customer. This can include incomplete titles, funds transfer costs to repay existing loans, indemnities or guarantees required, or costs associated with transfers of equity.


Please see the Documents section for the latest fees tariff.